Where is Monkey Brew Coffee from?

Our blends are sourced from the best, ethical and sustainable farms from around the world. 

These are the origins of our blends:

  • Kick Back, Relax: Colombia, PNG, Ethiopia, Nicaragua and India
  • Full Intensity!: Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia
  • Pick Me Up: Brazil, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, PNG, Colombia, Honduras


What makes Monkey Brew Coffee so good for the environment? 

Monkey Brew is committed to having a net positive benefit to the environment, this means that we want to help the environment more than we harm it taking into account all the logistics associated with the business. So how do we do this? We have a two-pronged approach, the first is by planting one native tree for every kilo of Monkey Brew coffee sold or used in one of our products. The second is by incrementally improving our supply chain to be more environmentally sustainable, we have started by using compostable packaging for our shipping bags. We would love for you to join us on this journey by supporting Monkey Brew!


What is Monkey Brew's Mission?

Monkey Brew was started with the goal to support the Australian environment through creating and selling amazing coffee. More specifically, we want to plant 100,000 native Australian trees, in Australia, by 2025. To do this we are working with Australian non-profit organisations to plant one tree for every kilo of coffee we sell. That means, every kilo coffee bag sold is one tree, every 3 sample packs sold is one tree and every 3 litres of cold brew sold is one tree!

At the moment we are working with a non-profit called Reforest Now who are a class leading organisation in what they do. They take the time to research and identify key areas to rehabilitate to maximise the impact for the plants and the habitats for native animals that they are creating. They also do a lot of work in ensuring the survivability of the trees they plant. To find out more you can read our "Our Impact" page or visit Reforest Now.


Is Monkey Brew Coffee ethically sourced?

Yes! All our coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced. Monkey Brew and all our suppliers support and exceed the requirements for UN Convention on Human Rights, UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Labour Organisation’s (ILO’s) Declaration of Philadelphia, ILO Convention on Child Labour and Children’s Right to an Education. Our supply chain also has certifications and receive regular visits from The Control Union, SGS, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, Kiwa PAI, Validus to ensure ethical and quality standards are met.


Is the Coffee Sustainably Sourced?

Yes, we wouldn’t be much of an environmentally focused coffee company if it wasn’t would we? Our supply chain is committed to the following directives to increase sustainability:

  • Efficient use of natural resources as an important cornerstone of our environmental policy management
  • The responsible use of water and energy resources and maintenance of air quality
  • Proper recycling or disposal of waste
  • Promotion of the effective use of resources through ongoing monitoring and training
  • Supporting producers to manage their farms environmentally and productively
  • Working with producers to improve practices to limit problems related to pesticides and deforestation.


Our partners also have the following directives in addition to the ones above:

  • Engaging with farmers directly and through farmer organisations
  • Training to improve agricultural practices, resulting in better farm management, yields, and quality
  • Certification to enable trade in higher-value markets 


Is Monkey Brew Coffee organic?

Not at the moment, at this stage Monkey Brew coffee isn’t organic although we are looking at starting an organic blend soon. If this is something you’re interested in, send us a message and that will help us get it to you faster!


Why is Monkey Brew Coffee expensive? 

Yes, Monkey Brew coffee is more expensive than the coffee you can get from Coles, Woolies and Aldi, so what’s the difference? Well, for starters, our coffee is guaranteed and certified ethically and sustainably sourced from high-quality farms and regions. We have then taken these great beans and created beautiful blends that are as good to drink as they are for the environment. We roast our coffee in small batches regularly so you get great coffee as fresh as possible. And finally, we are here to have an impact so we need to make sure that it’s priced so we can do that. So, for a premium, specialty roasted coffee that meets a high standard and is good for the environment and the world, it’s a pretty good deal.


Why does Monkey Brew still use plastic bags to package its coffee?

We ship our coffee in HeroPack packaging that is completely compostable and biodegradable. However, the plastic and foil bag that the coffee is stored in keeps the coffee fresh so that you can have the best coffee possible. We believe that we can’t compromise on the quality of the coffee and at the moment we haven’t found a satisfactory alternative to plastic and foil for keeping the coffee tasting fresh. What we are doing is looking and test alternatives to this so hopefully one day soon we will be able to replace the bag with something more sustainable.